Regall CBD Vape Tank 0.5ml – Banana


Regall CBD Juice is a CBD vape liquid for relaxation available as a vapor liquid. It is THC free, made from organic hemp oil, never synthetic or fortified.
Regall CBD is the best way to Take It Easy after a long day… No THC.

Disposable, ready to use.


DIRECTIONS: Enjoy e-liquid 1 or 2 inhalations holding each for a few seconds and then exhaling smoothly. Repeat 1-6 times waiting at least 1 minute between each use. If desired repeat use after 30-40 minutes.
INGREDIENTS: Enriched proprietary formulated industrial hemp cannabidiol (CBD), USP kosher glycol, USP kosher vegetable glycerin, natural turpenoids and artificial flavoring.
SIZES: 0.5ml Tank

Strength: 70mg

Regall CBD Vape Tank 0.5ml – Banana


    Is a model based on developing the highest quality CBD products possible. This is ONLY achieved by being in complete control of the entire manufacturing process. Our CBD products start with organic, non-GMO industrial hemp and are processed in a manner involving no chemicals, solvents or harsh processing methods. The end result are products that represent the highest in quality, availability and consistency.